April 1st Update

Well, no April fooling here – the Corona Virus scared me into hiding, till today!

As a respite care provider, we’ve had our respite care “son”, Eddy, with us since the “stay-home” side of things began. While I consider the safety of myself and my staff extremely important, I felt compelled to abide by all safety standards to a “T” while responsible for someone other than myself. We have now all completely self-isolated, for a bit more than two weeks, and we are ready for baby steps.

Today Eddy goes back to his family, and tomorrow we are at the store!

While we will be in the store from noon till 3pm, April 2, we will only deal with pre-ordered, pre-paid sales at this time. If you are running out of tape, need a die cut, wonder if we have a particular stamp you are looking for, etc., please send me your request by noon tomorrow (diane@scrapbookcentralbc.com) then I will call you for payment. When you arrive at the store we will request you stand back six feet while we open the door and place your order outside the door for you.

We hope to provide this basic service once or twice a week, until things normalize once again.

Stay safe everyone, we miss you all!!

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