Butterfly Stencil Card

I have to confess I debated whether to share this card or not as between the time I made it and when I first went to post it, the stencil is no longer available in the online store and I am not certain we have any left in the storefront. I ultimately decided to share as it would work with any stencil design, I really liked the results of this technique and I thought it might be new to some of you.

To begin I took some white smooth Bristol board and cut it to slightly smaller than a A2 card size. I think added ink to the paper using my blending brushes. I chose to use a pattern of sorts for this image going from red on the edges of the paper the orange and finally yellow towards the middle. You could obviously do this completely random or in whatever colours suits you.

Once I was happy with the ink coverage I placed the stencil overtop, adhering it in place with a hinge technique so I could life it to check and see if I had it dark enough without shifting the stencil. Once the stencil was set up I used some black paint to dab on the stencil being careful to not load my stencil brush too heavily so the paint did not seep under the stencil.

Full disclosure, my intent was to use black ink but my dye ink was a bit dry and when I tried it I found it needed reinking as you need a fair bit of ink in order to get the coverage I wanted. I didn’t want to use my pigment inks as I did not have a brush I wanted to dedicate to my pigment ink and was not sure how it would come out of a brush if I tried to wash it out since I knew I would be getting a lot of ink on the brush so I went with paint. I could have also used black gesso as I have done that in the passed with success. I honestly just didn’t think of it in the moment. So use what you have, paint, ink, or gesso will all work.

Once I was satisfied with the coverage of the black and could not see the colours bleeding through at all, I removed the stencil and let it dry.

Once dry, I matted the piece with an orange piece of cardstock that coordinated with the ink used and adhered it to my card blank. I added a sentiment from Sizzix Good Vibes #4 set that I stamped onto a small piece of the same orange cardstock I used for the mat using Versafine Black Onyx ink.

Lastly I added a few jewels randomly from Pink Fresh Studios to finish off the card.


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