Day 16 of 17 Sales of Summer and Beyond

Ok so we may be stretching the and beyond a bit but that is the way life goes sometimes, lol!!

We are having our 16th sale tomorrow, December 14th though and it is a great one.

For one day only, all single and ready to mingle stamps and dies are on sale for 17+17+17% =51% off!!! What an awesome deal on some awesome stamps and dies that were already a fabulous deal!!

Wondering what single and ready to mingle stamps and dies are? They are stamps or dies that were packaged with other stamps or dies at one time that we have broken apart and sell each stamp or die from the set on it’s own. So have you ever wanted just one of the stamps or dies in a set? Well you might just be able to get it in our single  and ready to mingle section! We add to it all the time so it is a great spot to check and I happen to know Diane will be adding a bunch of new ones tomorrow that we have never offered before AND you get them for an even better deal at 51% off!!

It is in store only and only tomorrow, Thursday December 14th.

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