Happy Birthday to Canada and to Scrapbook Central!!!

What do Canada Day and Scrapbook Central have in common? BIRTHDAYS! While we might not be 156, it is our birthday today! The store first opened it doors back in 2006 and is celebrating 17 years in business today!!
Soooooooo we got to thinking, what is better than a birthday day? A weekend? Yes but we can do better than that.  A week is good but Diane felt like we could do more. A month? Nope not quite big enough.  Think bigger! The summer!!! We are celebrating with the summer of sales!! 17 of them in fact!
We are thrilled to announce the 17 days of summer sale in honour of our 17th birthday. Throughout the summer we will be choosing 17 days and having 17 different sales. Each sale will be advertised the day before on Facebook, Instagram and our website and will last for one day only so be sure to follow us and check in daily so you don’t miss any of the fantastic deals that are about to come your way.

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