Consignment Sales

Did you know we offer a consignment program where you can turn your unneeded products into new treasures. Sounds awesome right? Well that is because it is!

How you may be wondering do I get new goodies from old?

All you need to do is bring in the products you have finished using, bought and never ended up using (it’s all right, we all have some. I promise not to judge or tell anyone) or bought doubles of because it isn’t your fault that you can’t keep track of your stuff when it hides under all the things you need to have out at your finger tips in order to create……. just me? Ok, moving on.

Once you drop it off at the store, it will get priced by us and put out on the floor for resale. We update our product wall on an ongoing basis but can not guarantee that your items will get put out right away. There are times we have lots of people drop off lots of items at once and we do the best we can to get them out as quickly as we can.

Once it is out, it will remain there for 2 months at full price or until it sells.  If after two months it has not sold, we mark it down a further 50% and leave it up for one more month. At that time we will remove you items and donate to a local charity.

Please note, we will not hold unsold items for you to pick up. We are sorry but space just does not allow us to offer this option.

When your items sell we share the profits from the sale. The store keeps half of the selling cost of items to cover the costs of running the program; employees, promotion and space. You get half that is turned into a store credit that you can use to get new goodies to play with.

Please note that it is an instore credit only and can not be used on the online store.

This program has replaced our very popular garage sale program. Now we have a garage sale every day and it is a VERY popular program with lots of new goodies added weekly. Everyone wins! The seller gets credit for new goodies and buyers get awesome new to them (and sometimes brand new cough, cough)  products at a fantastic price.

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