Quick Tip for Coordinating Cardstock Colours

I was working on a project the other day and I did not have the right colour of cardstock. Anyone who knows me, might be laughing right now as I have several stacks of cardstock many, many, many inches thick but I swear it was true! I was missing the correct shade of pink needed (those who know me now are a little less shocked as I am not really a pink kind of gal and thus have less of it in my stash than any other colour. ) Anyway what is a gal to do? I needed this shade as all the others did not work with the ink I had already used on the project. Here is where the tip comes it, make your own coloured cardstock by using your inks to colour some white cardstock to coordinate.

Now this tip might make you reach for the reinkers quicker than normal if you started to use it to colour all your 12×12 sheets for scrapbook layouts but it is perfect for coordinating diecuts or mats to go with your stamped images on a card for example or an embellishment on a page.

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