Tip for Aligning Words and Letter Dies

Here is a quick tip for aligning dies and letters to ensure that they end up straight on your projects. Once I have run the die through my die cut machine, I like to take it out and remove any little bits that need to be removed from it such as the center of the es and the space between the ts in the example below. Once they are removed I pop it back into the negative space.

Once it is back in place, take a piece of low tack tape, washi tape or press and seal and put it over the die cut and give it a light press to ensure the pieces will adhere to the tape.

Slowly lift the tape and watch the die cut come up perfectly aligned.

If it does not already have adhesive on it, you can add some little dots of liquid adhesive or whatever is your adhesive of choice that you can add while keeping it on your repositionable, low tack tape.

Once you have your glue on it, you can place it on your project and press down on die cuts to adhere them to the project and then slowly lift your tape and your letters or words will be aligned exactly how you cut them out without any fuss.

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