Waxes 101

Art Alchemy Waxes. I did a Facebook post about these incredible products over the summer when we got a large restock in the store but I never posted anything on the website so I thought I would now since I have pulled mine out to use on projects for Christmas that I will sharing. I have been having so much fun using them, it reminded me I really need to play with these more as there are so many looks you can achieve, you can use them on so many mediums and a little goes a long way making them very cost effective.
As some people are not familiar with these products, I thought a basic Waxes 101 would be a great place to start.
These waxes can be applied to glass, wood, chipboard, resin, paper, clay, plastic, hot glue and more. It can be applied with your fingers, a soft cloth, brush or sponge depending on the look you are going for. Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to mixed-media and home décor projects. All the waxes work on most popular surfaces and elements. Archival safe. Non- toxic.
We have the Opal Magic Waxes, Matte Waxes, Antiquing Waxes, Antique Brilliance Waxes, and Metallique Waxes.
Metalllique Waxes: are the traditional bees waxed based wax. It gives a rich, metal like look to your projects with a more solid base of colour on both light and dark objects. Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to mixed-media and home décor projects. Metallique Wax has a permanent finish when dry giving you great, color rich, shiny results on dark and light backgrounds.

Antiquing Brillaince Waxes–  are a combination wax that has a dark undertone with a metallic shimmer to them. They give you a opaque and shiny look on dark surfaces and a more vintage with a touch of iridescence look on lighter surfaces offering you two wonderful effects in one product! Antique Brilliance Wax has a special opaque, yet permanent finish.

Opal Magic Wax – These waxes have a transparent base with an iridescent colour that gives you different looks on dark or light surfaces. On light surfaces it is more pearlescent and gives you a softer look. On dark, the full tone of the colour comes out. They can be blending with other colours until dry.

Here is a card I did that is using the opal waxes. It was so easy to do. I just placed my card panel in an embossing folder and then ran my card panel through my die cutting machine to emboss. Then using my finger I lightly rubbed wax over the embossed areas that I wanted to highlight and that was all there was too it. A quick sentiment after mounting the card panel to a card base and the card is done.

Matte Wax- as the name implies these waxes provide all the great colour but dry without the sheen that the other waxes have, leaving you with a terrific matte finish full of colour.

Antiquing Waxes– give a stained and weathered look to projects and there is a clear wax that can be used to thin the wax if you would like a more transparent look.

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